Communities of San Marino citizens abroad

The Republic of San Marino shall promote the creation, safeguard the existence and support the activities of non-party organisations, spontaneously established and based on the principle of self-management in accordance with democratic and republican ideals, having as aim the gathering of San Marino citizens abroad into associations.

Such organisations, which, according to Law n. 76 of 1979 shall be denominated "Communities”, can be established with the presence of at least 30 San Marino citizens of age, whether permanently emigrated to or de facto residing in a consular jurisdiction or in a State.

To exist, a “Community” must be legally recognised by the Council of the Twelve, a recognition granted only if the Statute of the Community complies with Law n. 76 of 1979, with the San Marino legal order and with that of the foreign State where the Community is based.

The main objective of the Communities is to carry out any activity aimed at maintaining strong ties between the Republic and its emigrated citizens, as well as to promote any initiative intended for the creation of ties of solidarity, mutual assistance among San Marino citizens abroad, union and cooperation in various fields, by refraining from any action aimed at the affirmation and prevalence of the interests of organised political forces.

The bodies of the “Community” are: the President, the Board of Directors, the General Assembly of all effective members and the Board of Auditors. All positions are unpaid.

The Republic provides for a minimum fund to finance the “Communities” and each member must pay an annual social quota, the amount of which is established by the General Assembly of the members.

At the time being there are 25 San Marino Communities, divided up as follows: Argentina (7), United States of America (2), Belgium (1), France (5) and Italy (10). The Communities have a total number of 7,173 member citizens.

Relations between the Communities and the Department of Foreign Affairs are managed by a competent Office within the Directorate of Political and Diplomatic Affairs.



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