The “Consulta”, a body governed by public law, was established in 1979 to act as liaison between State institutions and San Marino citizens abroad. It is currently regulated by Law no. 55 of 28 March 2019.

The “Consulta” performs the following major functions:
- to protect the rights of San Marino citizens abroaad;
- to examine the problems affecting the Communities and to promote relevant activities;
- to provide, on its own initiative or upon request of the Government or the Bureau of the Great and General Council, advice, proposals and recommendations on State legislative, administrative and electoral initiatives and international agreements concerning San Marino citizens abroad;
- to participate in meetings through its representatives with regard to matters within its competence and to be consulted beforehand with respect to legislative initiatives concerning San Marino citizens abroad.
The “Consulta” is made up of the following bodies:
- the Assembly, representing all San Marino Communities abroad, held in San Marino twice a year;
- the President of the Assembly, appointed annually by simple majority by the Assembly;
- the Honorary President (the Minister of Foreign Affairs in office), with the right to speak but not to vote;
- the Office of the Presidents, made up of four members representing the following geographical areas: North America, South America, Italy and other European countries. The individual geographical areas, defined as “links”, annually elect their representative.
The “Consulta” consists of:
- the President of the “Consulta”;
- the Honorary President;
- an official of the Department of Foreign Affairs playing a consultative and executive role;
- the Presidents of the Communities legally recognised;
- the representatives of the Communities (1 representative for each Community having between 1 and 500 members, 2 representatives for each Community having between 501 and 800 members and 3 representatives for each Community having more than 800 members).
At the invitation of the Office of the Presidents, the members of the Government and of the Great and General Council, the diplomatic and consular representatives of the Republic, as well as those of the political parties and anyone else interested may take part in the meetings.
The decisions of the Assembly are made by simple majority and the meetings are valid when at least the relative majority of the Communities is present.
An internal Regulation governs the works and the organisation of the “Consulta”.
At present, the Office of the Presidents is composed of the following members:


- Otello Pedini (President of the “Consulta”)

- Giovanna Gasperoni (President of the San Marino Community in Milan) ITALY

- Diego Andres Portela (President of the Community of San Marino Citizens residing in Buenos Aires) ARGENTINA

- Maria Theresa Maiani Giulianelli (President of the San Marino Community in Detroit) USA

- Maryse Mularoni (President of the Community of San Marino Citizens from Eastern France) FRANCE





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