Soggiorni culturali

Among the first requests made by the Consulta (Council) of San Marino citizens abroad during its establishment meeting were the cultural stays organised in San Marino in the summer season.

Established by means of Government Decision no. 18 of 26 January 1981, the cultural stays are aimed at spreading the knowledge of San Marino culture among young people residing in the different emigration countries and at favouring cultural exchanges among new generations of San Marino citizens in the world. The Decision provides that costs shall be borne by the State and sets out the number of participants in relation to the number of the members of each Community as well as the age group, that is between 18 and 25 years. It also entrusts every association with the selection of applicants. Subsequently, upon request by the Argentinian Communities, the maximum age was raised to 28.

Decision no. 3 of 14 March 2011 amends the participation criteria, establishing a ratio of one participant to 100 members. However, the associations with a lower number of members can send one participant. The associations with a number of members equal to or exceeding 1,000 shall be entitled to take part with a maximum of 10 participants.

The first edition of the cultural stays took place in the summer of 1981. From that date to July 2013, in the 33 editions held, about 900 San Marino young people residing abroad participated. Since 2005, when the 25th anniversary of the cultural stays was celebrated, 4 young people, particularly distinguishing themselves during the cultural stays and representing the 4 emigration regions (Argentina, Belgium-France, Italy and USA), have been chosen and invited every year to the Consulta.

All young people residing abroad aged between 18 and 28, who wish to take part in the annual edition of the cultural stays, can apply to the association located closest to their place of residence, even though they are not members of any association of San Marino citizens abroad.





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