Permanent Counter-Terrorism Commission

International terrorism constitutes a serious threat to the world peace and security, fundamental human rights, rule of law and the democratic legal system of countries. For nearly a decade, the Republic of San Marino has been working to effectively tackle terrorism in its complex and changing forms. It has established a legal framework, which is kept constantly in line with the UN and EU global strategies for the prevention and fight against terrorism as well as with the recommendations and requirements of international bodies active in the field of terrorism, such as the FATF. This led to the adoption of Law no. 21 of 31 January 2019  "Establishment of bodies involved in the fight against international terrorism". Such legislation represents San Marino’s will to comply and align itself with international standards as well as to act and combat terrorism. It establishes three bodies in San Marino involved in the fight against international terrorism, with the aim of organising the system and implementing the national strategy.


The above-mentioned Law establishes the Permanent Counter-Terrorism Commission, the Counter-Terrorism Squad and the Counter-Terrorism Crisis Unit.


The Permanent Counter-Terrorism Commission (hereinafter referred to as PCTC) is chaired by the Director of the Department Foreign Affairs, and it is composed of the Director of Department of Institutional Affairs and Justice, the Director of the Department of Finance and Budget,  the Commanders of the Police Forces, the Head of the Civil Protection and the Director of the National Central Bureau of Interpol.


The PCTC has the following functions: discussing, analysing and monitoring international terrorism, according to the information available to its members and to competent international bodies; drawing up and updating the Strategy and the National Security Plan on terrorism containing the measures to pursue, prevent, combat and effectively tackle alleged or real terrorist threats. The functioning of the Commission is defined by Regulation no. 14 of 27 November 2019, which sets out the procedures for convening and regulating its meetings.


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