The EFTA Group of the EU Council has concluded its visit to San Marino

This morning the EFTA Group of the EU Council and the officials of the competent EU services were received in audience by Their Excellencies the Captains Regent, Mirco Tomassoni and Luca Santolini.

On that occasion, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicola Renzi introduced the Guests to the Captains Regent and summarised what San Marino has done so far for a closer and better European integration, in the framework of which also this visit of the EFTA Group of the EU Council has been organised. Renzi stressed that “it is extremely important for a small-sized country like San Marino to strengthen relations with the European context, not only economically and financially, but also politically and culturally.” For that purpose, he continued "we share with all European countries represented here today participation in the activities carried out by International Organisations promoting peace-building, respect for human rights and democratic values and cooperation with all peoples.”

The Captains Regent expressed the hope that this study trip and the various meetings with the representatives of the political, economic, financial and social life of San Marino, allowed the diplomatic representatives of the EU countries to learn about the main characteristics and features of the Republic of San Marino, stressing that “the Association Agreement with the European Union represents a fundamental step in the process of European integration that our country has long undertaken. This process will open up new opportunities to be seized with an active and collaborative participation.”

The representative of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, Augustin Varnav, thanking for the organisation of this initiative, recalled that "after four years of negotiations and the considerable progress made, particularly during the last year, there is the political will to finalise the Agreement by the summer. This opportunity - declared Varnav on behalf of the EU - must be seized".

To this end "the European Union is ready to consider compromises and transitional arrangements, in order to take into account the particular situation of our small partners, including San Marino, in line with the Declaration in Article 8 of the Treaty on European Union. It is the duty of the EU to preserve the integrity and overall homogeneity of the internal market. To this end, we offer our support in identifying duly justified situations where derogations can be granted in a proportionate manner, ensuring the uniform interpretation and application of the acquis throughout the internal market. In this respect the EU Court of Justice must play its role.”

Varnav concluded his speech recalling the excellent relations between the EU and San Marino, as witnessed, among other things, by the meeting in January 2018 between the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, and the Captains Regent and reconfirmed by the political support for the Association Agreement that the European Parliament expressed through the Lopez-Aguilar report voted in plenary session last week. 


San Marino, 22 March 2019



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