Seminar with diplomats of EU Member States on the EU association process

At the end of the Ceremony of Investiture of Their Excellencies the Captains Regent, Nicola Selva and Michele Muratori, a seminar on the EU association process of San Marino was held with the diplomats of the Member States accredited to San Marino in Palazzo Valloni. This third edition is the result of an initiative of the EU Head of Delegation to San Marino, Jan Tombinski, fully shared and welcomed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Affairs Directorate of the Department of Foreign Affairs, with the involvement of San Marino Ambassador in Rome, Daniela Rotondaro.


The meeting was chaired by the Minister of Foreign and Political Affairs Nicola Renzi and the Ambassador Jan Tombinski. The two diplomatic representatives of Andorra and Monaco also presented a brief report. They were invited by the Minister himself to further emphasise the salient aspects of the European integration process carried out by the three Small States with the EU in the presence of the diplomats of the Member States. In the future, EU Member States will have a major say in the approval and ratification of the Association Agreement within the European Parliament.


Already last year it was hoped that such an event could be repeated within the framework of the initiatives promoted on the occasion of the Ceremony of Investiture of Captains Regent, in order to "institutionalize" an exchange of views and knowledge in the mutual interest of the parties involved in the negotiation process. The meeting was particularly appreciated by all participants, who wished to continue such a dialogue in the years to come.


San Marino, 1 April 2019


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