Meeting in Helsinki between Minister Renzi and the Italian Minister, Moavero Milanesi.

During the 129th session of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicola Renzi, and his Italian counterpart, Enzo Moavero Milanesi, had a wide-ranging discussion, in the presence of their respective Delegations. The meeting allowed to discuss some issues of bilateral interest, with the will to accelerate their resolution.

Among the priorities mentioned by Renzi, the rapid solution for the issue deriving from the adoption of the Italian Security Decree; in this regard, Minister Milanesi assured his full support to the numerous requests from San Marino and assured to achieve as soon as possible the desired result.

Minister Moavero Milanesi also confirmed the intention to rapidly finalise the Agreement for the recognition of residence permits and resident's cards issued by the Republic of San Marino to third country nationals for the purposes of free movement in Italy and the crossing of the Italian external borders.

With regard to the revision of the Convention of friendship and good neighbouring of 31 March 1939, which is still under negotiation, the Italian Minister offered his full support for a rapid definition of the new text, eighty years after its adoption.

The two Ministers also discussed the state of play of the negotiations for the Association Agreement with the European Union, focussing in particular on those issues where a greater bilateral cooperation between the two countries could help achieve the best outcome. In this regard, the San Marino delegation thanked the Italian Minister for his active willingness to cooperate also on this issue, which is of priority importance for the Republic.

San Marino, 17 May 2019


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