The EU confirms respect for San Marino’s peculiarities

The Minister of Foreign Affairs welcomes with great satisfaction the Recommendation approved yesterday by the European Parliament, which contains points of interest for the Association Agreement, currently under negotiation with the Brussels authorities.

In the Recommendation, the path taken by San Marino, together with Andorra and Monaco, to reach a broadly satisfactory agreement, has been carefully assessed. The document mentions the benefits for San Marino deriving from such agreement and also the opportunities for economic development, employment and improvement of professional skills.
"It is encouraging to see - declared Minister Renzi - that the European Parliament is aware of the fact that the European integration, for our country, must be adapted, taking into account the specific situations of small-sized countries, their needs and peculiarities".
Minister Renzi also welcomes the considerations expressed by the European Parliament, aimed at achieving results of effective integration in the economic, financial and social spheres.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs is pleased to note that the Recommendation demonstrates openness about San Marino’s peculiarities; it also refers to the possibility that the Agreement will provide for access to Community projects, as well as the possibility of temporary derogations relating to freedom of establishment.
The Recommendation also mentions possible access to the Eurosystem’s liquidity, in order to promote a greater stability of the San Marino’s banking system, and joint projects between San Marino and Member States.

San Marino, 14 March 2019


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