Submitting an application for adoption to the Judicial Authority is a sine qua non condition to allow the Minors’ Service to verify that the prospective adoptive parents are eligible to adopt.
Such application shall be supported by the following documents:

-    certificate of nationality;
-    certificate of residence;
-    general criminal records;
-    certificate of pending charges;
-    certificate relating to civil capacity;
-    documents evidencing the family’s income and assets;
-    certificate of medical fitness issued by the Health Authority of the Republic of San Marino;
-    family status certificate;
-    certificate of marriage for married couples.

Documents shall be dated no more than three months prior to the date of submission.

After verifying that the adopters fulfil the requirements envisaged by Law no. 49 of 26 April 1986 and obtaining the report of the Minors’ Service which, after having carried out a detailed psychosocial enquiry, assesses that the prospective adoptive parents are suited to educate and raise a child, the Judicial Authority issues a decree of suitability to adopt.

At this stage, the prospective adoptive parents shall decide:
-    whether to adopt a child from a State Party to The Hague Convention or from another country;
-    if they opt for a State Party to The Hague Convention, whether the adoption procedure will be carried out through the Intercountry Adoption Office or an accredited body.



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