Presentation of new Ambassadors

Today at the Government Building the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the Republic of San Marino, Sun Yuxi, has presented his Credentials to Their Excellencies the Captains Regent, Rosa Zafferani and Federico Pedini Amati.
The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Fiorenzo Stolfi, in presenting the high Diplomatic Representative to the Captains Regent, has expressed, on behalf of the Government and the people of the Republic of San Marino, heartfelt solidarity for the dreadful catastrophe which has hit the South-Western province of Sichuan.
The Secretary of State has subsequently stressed the excellent status of the bilateral relations established in May 1971 and characterised by fruitful cooperation as shown by the various agreements concluded between the two States, among which worth mentioning is the recent Agreement on Trade and Economic Cooperation signed in San Marino on 20 April 2007 and entered into force on 1 October 2007.
Secretary of State Stolfi has also made a remark on the Olympic Games, an event of extraordinary significance and worldwide resonance, which will be hosted this year in Beijing. The Republic of San Marino will take part in the Games with two athletes in swimming, one in light athletics and one in shooting.
Another tangible sign of the cooperation between China and San Marino is the San Marino participation in the Wold Expo Shanghai 2010. The San Marino Government has promptly and enthusiastically accepted the Chinese invitation to take part in the Expo. The Chinese organisation has kindly made available a pavilion among the Joint Pavilions.
Ambassador Sun Yuxi has expressed his gratitude for the excellent hospitality and the solidarity shown by the San Marino authorities.
The Ambassador has expressed sincere admiration for the Republic of San Marino and for its ancient history and its tradition of neutrality and peace which it so excellently supports at international level. “The Chinese Government” Sun Yuxi continued “deems all States equal, regardless of their size. An example of this is provided by the relations between our States, characterised by cooperation and profound mutual respect”.
The diplomatic representative said that the cooperation between San Marino and China is positive and “full of interesting opportunities” and that he will further promote it.

In the same day, the Secretary of State has introduced to the Captains Regent the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Marino Grandoni, who, as underlined by the Secretary of State, has been chosen by the Croatian authorities as Consular representative, in relation to the longstanding positive relations of Mr. Grandoni with the friendly Croatian nation. Therefore, this appointment is a further step to enhance the existing political and economic relations as well as cooperation in trade, tourism and culture between San Marino and Croatia.
Consul Grandoni in confirming his commitment to further enhancing the already excellent relations has informed that next month, in the framework of the historical friendly relations between the two States, the 40° anniversary of the town twinning between the island of Arbe and the city of San Marino will be celebrated. This will be an important occasion to meet the highest Authorities of the two States and numerous San Marino citizens.
Other diplomatic and consular representative appointed by the Republic of San Marino have sworn before the Captains Regent, namely:
Mr. Alessandro Vincenti, Consul in Detroit
Mrs. Vincenzina Toccaceli Crescentini, Vice-Consul in Detroit
Mr. Carlo Augusto Dall’Olmo, Consul at large
Mr. Riccardo Riccioni, Counsellor of Embassy at the Embassy in Tokyo
Mr. Esat Ademi, Consul General in Tirana
Mr. Andrea Griminelli, Ambassador to Singapore
Mr. Mario Benedettini, Ambassador at large


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