San Marino Ambassador to the Holy See presents Credentials to Pope Benedict XVI

Sante Canducci has presented today to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI the Letters accrediting him as the new Ambassador of the Republic of San Marino to the Holy See. The Ceremony took place in the Pope’s private study. In his speech Benedict XVI said that he feels very close to San Marino and its people, which is “a small people in terms of territory but nonetheless worth great consideration and respect for its history rich in cultural and religious traditions”.
In his speech Benedict XVI recalled Prof. Giovanni Galassi, former San Marino Ambassador, who was also Dean of the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See for several years.
“Each Nation, be it large or small, is called today to play an active role in building an international community based upon human or spiritual values. The Republic of San Marino will certainly contribute to this global project, offering the experience of its ancient history and culture based upon family as the fundamental core of any community.” – Benedict XVI said.
In his speech Ambassador Canducci stressed the Christian roots of the San Marino community and the long-standing relations of friendship and cooperation with the Holy See. He also recalled the visit of Pope John Paul II to the Republic of San Marino which took place on 28 April 1982.
Pope Benedict XVI concluded his speech by sending a greeting message and giving his blessing to the San Marino people.

San Marino, 13 November 2008


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