San Marino Government deeply concerned over worsening crisis in the Middle East
Yesterday, the Congress of State discussed the grave crisis in the Gaza Strip and expressed deep concern over the violent escalation which has also hit the civil population. “The San Marino Government hopes that a prompt solution will be found to guarantee peaceful coexistence to both Palestinians and Israelis who are entitled to peacefully live in that land”. – the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Ms. Antonella Mularoni, said.
“The ongoing crisis in the Gaza Strip is unfortunately the dramatic result of Hamas’ truce violation followed by Israeli retaliation. Therefore, we sincerely hope that no efforts will be spared at national and international level to reduce as much as possible the bloodshed and the number of innocent victims who have the right to durable peace.” – Secretary of State Mularoni added.
Secretary of State Mularoni concluded by saying that she is confident that the Summit of EU Foreign Ministers, to held this afternoon, will define the necessary steps to overcome the present crisis and resume peace dialogue.

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