Message of condolence following the attack in Manchester

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacts promptly to the last heinous attack in Manchester, which has newly triggered alarm in the international community against the horrors of a form of terrorism which knows no borders.

In a note of condolence addressed to the British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Minister Nicola Renzi, on behalf of the Government and on his own behalf, has expressed "... dismay, anger and deep sadness for the victims of this last attack that, hitting Manchester, has hurt every country involved, with increasing determination, in the fight against the aberrant phenomena of a terrorism which knows no borders.

The immediate desire of reaction to defend the memory of so many innocents, including children, who had received the concert by a star as a gift, is quite understandable.

Our reaction, however, must always be within the boundaries of legality, because these hateful, subtle tools of terror and death can and must be fought against only by promoting peace and reconciliation among peoples and by promptly bringing to justice the authors of these brutal crimes”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs that it has promptly contacted its representatives on site and that, at present, it is not aware of any involvement of San Marino citizens in the attack. It ensures that any future useful information will be made public.


San Marino, 23 May 2017


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