Third edition of the advanced training course on internationalisation processes


Over 120 hours of lectures by university professors, diplomats and senior executives of multinational companies, combined with the possibility to make internships abroad. For the third consecutive year the advanced training course on internationalisation processes, organized in partnership by the University of the Republic of San Marino and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, offers a curriculum for graduates and not-graduates. A novelty of this edition is the “project work”, thanks to which students may access a number of selected San Marino companies in order to draft an internationalization plan referred to a particular region of the world. It is an opportunity to test what they have learned in the classroom and take up an on-the-job competency assessment.

New impetus has been given to the course, presented today at Palazzo Begni by the Rector of the University, Professor Corrado Petrocelli, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicola Renzi. At the same time, the focus will remain on topics such as international web marketing, data management, sales strategies and tax issues related to these dynamics. In addition, the course offers training experiences in companies located in countries such as Japan, India, Indonesia and Vietnam, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs thanks to the activity of its diplomatic and consular corps and with the financial contribution of the San Marino Banking Association.

"The objective is not to duplicate courses organised in other universities, and in this sense, our offer is definitely original” - has said Professor Petrocelli. “Students have the opportunity to understand some mechanisms needed to start an activity abroad through case studies such as India, China and Japan. Thanks to internships participants can experience first hand what happens during these processes".

According to Minister Renzi, “this initiative allows to study internationalisation from a theoretical and practical point of view and the skills acquired may be used in bodies such as the Agency for Development and the One-stop shop”.

Lectures, from 3 November 2017 to 3 March 2018, will be coordinated by the Scientific Director Massimo Ferdinandi and will end with a written final examination to select the students who will participate in the internships abroad. Only the students who have attended at least 70% of the programme and submitted a project work will receive a diploma.

Pre-enrolment is open until 26 September through the University's website,, by selecting "iscrizioni" on the page dedicated to the course, which can be accessed from the section "offerta formativa". Alternatively, link to The course fee is €800,00.


San Marino, 12 September 2017


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