The "Akari Park 2017” event in Tokyo focused on environment and sustainability

From 1 to 5 November 2017, Tokyo hosted the 7th edition of “Akari Park”, an event about energy self-sustainability promoted by Motoko Ishii, a leading Japanese lighting designer, in collaboration with the City of Tokyo, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

The Republic of San Marino also took part in the event through its Embassy in Japan. For the occasion, the latter set up one of the 34 exhibition areas arranged in the Ueno National Park. The many visitors had the chance to discover San Marino’s historical and cultural tradition, also thanks to the tourist information provided by our Embassy. The exhibition area also included a path which allowed visitors to appreciate a series of traditional San Marino products including stamps, coins, ceramics and wine.

During its five days of opening, the event welcomed an impressive number of guests: more than two hundred thousand people chose to participate, drawn by the topicality of the theme and by the context in which it developed.

By deciding to participate, San Marino intended to reaffirm its environmental awareness. The Law on Sustainable Mobility, which the San Marino Parliament recently approved, confirms its commitment to making the Republic’s territory increasingly sustainable and even more attractive for citizens and tourists alike.


San Marino, 13 November 2017


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