Visit by the Minister of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation of the Republic of Congo

Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicola Renzi has received H.E. Martin Parfait Aimé Coussoud-Mavoungou, Minister of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation of the Republic of Congo and his delegation.
The talks held at Palazzo Begni revealed the Ministers’ joint intention to deepen the bilateral relationship, which has not been officially recognised yet. The meeting also testified to the willingness to establish a partnership focusing on the development of the technology and innovation sectors.
Mr. Renzi expressed satisfaction at this first meeting with institutional representatives, thus underlining his intention to establish relations between the two countries. The Republic of San Marino and the Republic of Congo are both part of international organisations and their collaboration could create interesting economic and business cooperation opportunities. To this regard, Mr. Renzi provided an overview of the recent changes in the Republic, especially in the banking and financial sectors and in terms of the country’s increasing internationalisation.
Minister Renzi also confirmed that San Marino’s diplomatic relations with the Republic of Congo would give substance to the promotion of strong cooperation, in order to merge political and institutional interests with private ones, also in the light of existing successful collaborations.

The Congolese Minister then met with Andrea Zafferani, Minister of Industry and Trade, and Marco Podeschi, Minister of Culture and Technological Innovation. Such meetings specifically focused on both countries’ economic and cultural potential and underlined the peacebuilding role of the Republic of Congo as a mediator in areas affected by regional conflicts, as well as its process of economic diversification through the development of technological innovation.
These characteristics bring the two countries together, fostering the increase of their collaboration and friendship.

Therefore, it is clear from this afternoon’s talks the desire to enhance collaboration, particularly in the fields of technological research and innovation. This desire also draws from projects currently under way in the areas of telecommunications, environment and agribusiness.

His Excellency Coussoud-Mavoungou also visited the Techno-Science Park and met with San Marino trade associations and businesses.
The meetings were also attended by representatives of “Stand International”, a San Marino service company for the internationalization of businesses, as well as a San Marino firm involved in a research and development project taking place in Congo.
The visit falls within the current process of promotion of San Marino economy and businesses, based on the increasing interest in internationalisation and the attraction of foreign investment.


San Marino, 16 November 2017


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