Trilateral meeting on European integration in Andorra

The Principality of Andorra hosted a tripartite meeting among San Marino, Andorra and Monaco, concerning the integration into the European single market.

Yesterday the San Marino delegation, led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicola Renzi, took part in a number of technical and political meetings with Andorran Government Officials, who are involved in the negotiations with the European Union. Among them were Maria Ubach, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Enric Tarrado, Ambassador of Andorra to San Marino, and senior officials of the local government. During the morning, the talks mainly focused on bilateral aspects of the relationship between Andorra and San Marino. Together with their delegations, Mr Renzi and Mr. Antoni Martì Petit, Head of Government of the Principality of Andorra, agreed on strengthening the dialogue on various aspects concerning the common process of European integration the three States are undergoing. They also agreed on intensifying exchanges on a strictly political level.

Subsequently, Renzi had talks with Mr. Jordi Cinca, Minister of Finance. Their meeting explored the changes under way in both countries in order to adapt both economies to the international standards set by the international community. In this context, the talks focused on the cooperation and exchange of information between the supervisory body of Andorra and the Central Bank of the Republic of San Marino, as well as between the Financial Intelligence Agency and the equivalent Andorran agency. The meeting also examined both countries’ position in relation to the Monetary Agreement. By addressing their shared positions, the parties discussed with the objective of reaching a common strategy.

In the morning, San Marino representatives were welcomed by M. Josep Maria Missé, Minister of Economic Diversification and Innovation, in the Caldea Thermal centre, for a visit to one of the area's main tourist attractions.

In the late afternoon, after a visit to the Parliament and to President Vicenç Mateu, the delegation of San Marino, together with the Monegasque delegation led by the Minister of State Mr. Serge Telle, were received at the Episcopal Palace by H.E. Monsignor Joan Enric Vives, Co-Prince of Andorra.

The trilateral meeting took place today. In an climate of great trust and cooperation, the Republic and the two Principalities examined the state of play of the negotiations for the future Association Agreement with the European Union. In its current phase, the Agreement requires the three countries to formulate joint requests to be submitted to the relevant European External Action Service. It was an intense, two-hour discussion on the best strategies to be adopted and on the goals set by each country. The talks confirmed the quality of the preparatory technical meetings for the negotiating sessions, as well as the willingness to continue in such direction. Indeed, 2018 will be a crucial year for the negotiations, which will take place during more frequent technical sessions and with a greater involvement of the three delegations. Meanwhile, the following meeting has already been set: it will take place on 1 April in San Marino, on the occasion of the Investiture Ceremony of Their Excellencies the Captains Regent, during which Minister Telle will be the Official Speaker.

The two-day event ended with a press conference and a follow-up talk show produced by the Andorran broadcaster ATV, which the three Ministers attended.

San Marino, 21 November 2017


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