San Marino out of the European list of tax havens

San Marino is a cooperative and transparent country in tax matters according to the ECOFIN Council, whose Common European List of Tax Havens has been published in Brussels today.The list, which contains all the 'non-cooperative' countries for tax transparency purposes, does not include San Marino.

Since 2016, all non-EU countries, including San Marino, were subject to a preliminary evaluation that the European Commission carried out through a series of key indicators. The results made it possible to identify the jurisdictions that do not respect taxation rules and that refuse complying with them. These were included in the European black list today.

San Marino is thus in all regards a compliant country according to objective criteria, such as an adequate transparency level, which allows the exchange of tax information, a fair taxation system and compliance with the measures against tax base erosion.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance and Budget are pleased about this important result achieved by the country: a further confirmation of the quality of the choices taken by the current Government, which made the fight against tax evasion and transparency system a priority of its political action, in line with the ongoing path towards a greater European integration and with the opening-up to international markets and investors.


San Marino, 5 December 2017


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