San Marino included as a tourist destination in the ATS Vacations Indonesia travel programme

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to announce that, as a result of the contacts established through the San Marino Embassy in Jakarta, the first Indonesian tourists have arrived in the Republic in the early afternoon today with the “ATS Vacations” travel agency.  After a brief visit to the city centre, their programme went on with a tour of San Marino’s historical and cultural heritage, a tasting of local products and an overnight stay.

The Tourism Office welcomed the guests by holding a brief meeting with Mr. Samuele Guiducci, Personal Assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, during which a welcome certificate was given to each participant.

Thanks to the promotional work of our Diplomatic Mission in Jakarta, Indonesian tourists had already visited San Marino for the first time last summer, but the collaboration with a leading travel agency such as ATS Vacations is a further success achieved by our diplomacy.

These results prove the effectiveness of the innovative internationalization strategy that the Republic of San Marino has launched through its diplomatic and consular network. This strategy is part of an inter-ministerial working method and is also supported by the Tourism Office. For the first time, the promotion of San Marino as a tourist destination has become a primary economic development goal, which is being pursued by our diplomatic and consular representations in the world.

The first missions involved in this project were our Consulates General in Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines and India and our Embassy in Indonesia. Similar tourist attraction plans will soon be launched in Japan and Malaysia. Therefore, by 2018, more diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of San Marino will receive the necessary support in order to carry out promotional activities in the field of tourism.

San Marino, 20 December 2017


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