Meeting with the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Romania

The official visit to Romania of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicola Renzi has started today afternoon with a fruitful meeting with the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Mihai Daraban.

During the meeting potential opportunities for bilateral cooperation were broadly discussed, to be encouraged especially through the implementation of San Marino Agency for Development.

From the broad exchange of views on the respective domestic systems, interesting proposals for collaboration have emerged, in particular aimed at significantly strengthening the relations and the economic and commercial development of both states. The Romanian counterpart has firmly expressed his readiness to establish mutually useful collaboration, also on the basis of the common intention to progressively develop economic diplomacy.

Indeed the growing role of diplomacy was stressed, in particular a diplomacy addressed to the ongoing internationalization processes and to promote and attract investment complying with the international standards adopted by both countries.

Tomorrow Minister Renzi will meet with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Teodor Melescanu, and the Minister Delegate for European Affairs, Mr. Victor Negrescu, to discuss the issues pertaining to bilateral relationship.

San Marino, 18 January 2018/1717 d.f.R.


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