The Captains Regent meet with the President of the European Council

The Captains Regent are in Brussels today with a delegation led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs to pay a visit to the European Council.

In an extremely friendly atmosphere, H.E Matteo Fiorini and H.E. Enrico Carattoni have had fruitful discussions with the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, thus confirming the excellent collaboration between the Republic of San Marino and the highest European institutions and the desire to relaunch San Marino’s process of greater integration.

The Captains Regent have expressed deep gratitude for this opportunity and reported the intention of the institutions and people of San Marino to achieve, in a reasonably short time, an effective integration with the European single market, so as to place economic, banking and financial operators on an equal footing. At the same time, the Captains Regent have informed the President of San Marino interest to promote the free movement of people, through a process that should be gradual and adjusted to the specificities of the Republic.

President Tusk has expressed his strong support for appropriate and reasonable negotiation deadlines and welcomed the expectations and considerations of the Heads of State. In particular, President Tusk has assured the utmost attention to the requests related to the specificities of San Marino, while underlining the complex overall framework in which the negotiations are being conducted. He has also emphasized that the model agreement pursued by the Republic can serve as an example and a reference for the future of the EU.

The Captains Regent have highlighted the Europeanist vocation of the Republic, expressing a concept particularly appreciated by President Tusk: "San Marino better than other countries can understand what being in Europe means, because it knows what being out means".

At the end of the meeting, the Heads of State have renewed to the President of the European Council the invitation to pay a visit to the Republic.

The day has been dedicated exclusively to the Republic of San Marino and its Heads of State. Tomorrow negotiations will resume, knowing that 2018 will see an intensification of meetings and ad-hoc work sessions, in close agreement with the delegations of Monaco and Andorra. Minister Renzi is going to participate in this first work session of 2018.

San Marino, 29 January 2018


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