Newly accredited Ambassadors present their Credential Letters

San Marino accredited five new Ambassadors representing the Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Croatia and Serbia - all these Countries enjoy official diplomatic relations with San Marino. This morning, the Ambassadors officially began their mandate: after being introduced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Nicola Renzi, they presented their Credential Letters to the Captains Regent in an impressive ceremony held at the Government Building.

H.E. Alba María Cabral-Peña Gómez is the first High Plenipotentiary of the Dominican Republic to be accredited to San Marino, after the recent establishment of diplomatic relations between San Marino and her country. An Honorary Consulate of San Marino was also recently established in the capital Santo Domingo, proving the willingness to open a dialogue with distant countries in terms of history and culture. The very historical, political and social differences can help the two countries come closer, through the joint promotion of multicultural initiatives aimed at exploring the authentic traditions of both countries and peoples.

The Arab Republic of Egypt is represented by H.E. Hisham Mohamed Moustafa Badr. The High Diplomat expressed the difficulties of Egypt: a country that struggles daily to defend its stability, both internally and in the international geopolitical and economic context. The numerous armed attacks have caused deep wounds, thus challenging the country’s peace and development process. These events touched all Countries deeply committed to defending democratic values, including San Marino.

H.E. Christian Masset was appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France, a country traditionally linked to San Marino by a special relationship that has grown stronger in time. San Marino and France also share the same objectives and sentiments of unity and participation on which Europe is founded. These are crucial in the present period, in which San Marino, along with other small-sized States, is undergoing an integration process with Europe, which also concerns taxation and trade.

The Republic of Croatia has chosen H.E. Jasen Mesić as its highest diplomatic representative. The bond between San Marino and Croatia is naturally deep: the very origins of the State of San Marino can be traced back to Croatia, where the founder Saint Marino was born. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the twinning between the two capitals, which are planning joint initiatives.

Finally, H.E. Goran Aleksic was appointed by the Republic of Serbia as the highest diplomatic representative to San Marino. San Marino and Serbia will seek to strengthen their bilateral relations by finalising important agreements, on which the respective technical administrations are already working. A closer cultural cooperation - with events fostering the sharing of both countries’ heritage - will allow deeper cooperation in building a culture which promotes dialogue as a primary tool to prevent tensions. Indeed, the latter may cause conflicts breaking the rules of civil society and violating the respect for human dignity. In this regard, San Marino, thanks to its tradition of peace, can be a model for a country which has unfortunately experienced war in the recent past.

San Marino, 23 February 2018


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