ECRI published its fifth report on San Marino

The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) of the Council of Europe published its report on San Marino today. The report was adopted by the Committee of Ministers' Deputies last 21 February.

The report follows the monitoring visit carried out in the Republic by an ECRI delegation in March last year. It was the fifth assessment cycle for San Marino (the previous one was carried out in 2012).

ECRI periodically monitors Member States in order to track their progress and potential shortcomings in the fight against racism and intolerance. A large number of representatives of institutions and the civil society are invited to explain the domestic legal framework, tools and activities planned to limit and combat cases of discrimination.

The  Report  based on the latest monitoring cycle highlights the improvements achieved by San Marino over the past five years, which were particularly appreciated by the Commission. Among them were the amendments to the Criminal Code; the signing of the Council of Europe Cyber-crime Convention and its Protocol and the review of the legislation on stay and work permits for foreigners. The Report also contains the Commission's recommendations to strengthen the domestic regulatory system and to adopt more efficient measures against all types of discrimination based on “race”, colour, language, religion, nationality or national or ethnic origin.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Nicola Renzi welcomes the delegation's positive feedback on San Marino’s progress concerning access to citizenship through naturalization, criminalisation of discriminatory acts on the grounds of gender identity and data collection. The country’s developments since the previous report were positively welcomed by ECRI; Mr. Renzi ensured that the constructive criticism and the shortcomings are to be considered an encouragement for the Government and the Institutions to immediately start a process to improve the country’s legal framework. In the past, the recommendations of the Council of Europe and its monitoring cycles brought substantial changes to San Marino, including access to citizenship through naturalization, which was regulated by ordinary law.

San Marino, 27 February 2018


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