Donation by the Swiss Confederation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its deepest gratitude for important donation made by the Swiss Confederation to the Republic of San Marino.

The delivery of 1000 protective suits to the Institute for Social Security was welcomed with sincere appreciation as part of an equally significant donation made to our country. 

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs, while recalling the excellent bilateral relations between our two countries and the comprehensive collaboration at the multilateral level, wishes to highlight the importance of this donation. This initiative takes place in the framework of the mutual and fruitful cooperation between States, especially in situations that revive the sense of unity and closeness to peoples and nations in need.

 The contribution given by the friendly Swiss Confederation helps to further strengthen the spirit of collaboration and unity between states. Today, cooperation is more crucial than ever in facing the challenges posed by the COVID-19 health emergency, which, in several ways, are challenging the international community as a whole.
San Marino, 5 May 2020



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