Resumption of negotiations for the Association Agreement

During the week 29 June to 3 July, a number of video conference meetings were held with the competent EU services; the negotiations between San Marino and the European Union for the conclusion of an Association Agreement have therefore been officially resumed after the interruption due to the general elections and the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Luca Beccari spoke at the opening of the session to confirm San Marino's commitment to the negotiation process and to describe the Government's intention to speed up the negotiations, as well as to underline the objectives discussed and approved at the last meeting of the Permanent Parliamentary Commission for Foreign Affairs. 

The discussions with the competent EU services focused on matters such as customs union and trade policy, which are already partially included in the Cooperation and Customs Union Agreement in force and which San Marino has long been committed to applying.

The meeting, characterised by fair and pragmatic discussions, was useful to examine the aspects that are relevant to both sides and that will be included in the new legal framework.  While providing for renewed legal and political relations also in these matters, the Agreement will require both parties to coordinate their efforts, in order to achieve a mutually satisfactory result that combines the EU’s legal certainty and San Marino’s particular situation.

In the margins of this meeting, San Marino delegation expressed its willingness to solve, in a special negotiation meeting, also the issue relating to the requirements and burdens arising from the T2 document concerning trade. In this regard, San Marino delegation undertook to submit an operational proposal by the end of July. 

In a subsequent meeting, San Marino provided clarifications on some specific aspects related to free movement of goods, with particular reference to product liability, which is of primary importance for the proper functioning of the internal market and will facilitate the updating of San Marino consumer protection legislation. The discussions have allowed an agreement to be reached between the parties on the timing of San Marino's transposition and the possible operational modalities of cooperation with the competent EU services.



San Marino, 3 July 2020



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