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Clarification on the campaign for the collection of signatures for a referendum on the accession of San Marino to the European Union
With reference to the launch of the campaign for the collection of signatures for a referendum on the accession of San Marino to the European Union, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs intends to make some clarifications to the Parliament, which summarise the information already provided on several occasions. Sending a letter of accession to the European Union without having previously decided whether this is the Country’s objective seems to be quite original, since this accession approach has never been adopted by any candidate State. Moreover, listening to the advice of some former EU officials now retired instead of paying attention to the recommendations of the major political and technical bodies in office could not be a great idea. When taking office, the present Government acknowledged the total lack of information about the EU and the fact that nothing had been done in this regard. This is the reason why the Government has decided to establish a Technical Group responsible for analysing all main sectors and issues of Community law, with a view to assessing the cost effectiveness of the various options of European integration. The offices of the Public Administration, professional associations, trade unions and other professionals have been working for months to produce a useful work to assist politicians and citizens in their future decisions. The methodology adopted aims at analysing the pros and cons of three possible scenarios: accession to the European Union, accession to the European Economic Area and maintaining the status of non-EU State with a possible extension of the fields governed by the agreement in force with the European Union. Moreover, the issues to be studied have been identified starting from the main aspects connected with the four fundamental freedoms of the EU (goods, services, persons and capital), while internal working sub-groups were entrusted with the analysis of the current legislation of our Republic vis-ą-vis these sectors and its differences from Community legislation. As of today, more than ten technical meetings on single matters have been held and several other meetings involving the entire Group have been organised. These meeting brought to light the poor knowledge in San Marino of Community laws and of their possible impact on each sector, the difficulty to identify present procedures and to correctly present the problems. The working activity and methods have been strongly appreciated by all members of the Group, who could gather information on Community laws, on the various aspects of the problems and on the position of various categories and Countries. All this material will be extremely useful in the future. Starting from next September, the enlarged technical meetings will resume with a view to sharing the material collected and the results. Works are expected to be concluded by next Autumn, when a first a first analysis could be submitted to the institutions. Far from being exhaustive and from dissipating all doubts, this document will be a first instrument of shared knowledge and the basis for in-depth analyses and public awareness campaigns, which will of course be followed by political decisions on the steps forward. From a more political point of view, the following has to be underlined in order to clarify several misunderstandings. 1) As of today, no European micro-State has acceded to the European Union or intends to request accession thereto after having made a cost effectiveness study or after an exchange of views with the competent Community bodies aimed at ascertaining the intentions of the counterpart. This is also true for Andorra, notwithstanding misleading or ambiguous information which has been intentionally disseminated for months by those who have not found, not even in Andorra, a supporter to their reasons for accession to the European Union. The competent EU Unit has organised for next September a meeting with the Small States of Europe with a view to assessing together the steps and solutions to achieve greater European integration. San Marino and the other micro-States will participate in this meeting. Moreover, contacts with the Andorran Government are frequent, relations with it are excellent and we are both working to achieve shared objectives. 2) The Parliament will have to decide on the various options by next Winter and all San Marino citizens will be broadly informed and called upon to express their opinion as soon as all useful elements for an informed decision are available. San Marino, 5 August 2010

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