San Marino aderisce alla Giornata ONU per il Multilateralismo e la Diplomazia

The 24th of April is the International Day of Multilateralism and Diplomacy for Peace.

Addressing the members of the United Nations, the Secretary-General stressed the need for each State to regain the value of "multilateralism".

This historic moment show us that States are inevitably interconnected and vulnerable and geopolitical balances are precarious. Likewise, it confirms the enormous potential of international cooperation, which must necessarily be open to all. António Guterres said that multilateralism must not be limited to strategies to tackle together global threats. Today we are asked to do even more, to seize all the opportunities together, because todaywe have the opportunity to build inclusive and truly sustainable economies and societies with greater awareness than in the not distant past.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs shares the auspices expressed by Secretary-General Guterres, while recalling the spirit that 75 years ago animated the founders of the League of Nations for a healthier, fairer, more peaceful and sustainable future for all.
San Marino, 24 April 2020



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