Segreteria di Stato per gli Affari Esteri - Repubblica di San Marino e comunicati della Segreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriThe "Akari Park 2017” event in Tokyo focused on environment and sustainability From 1 to 5 November 2017, Tokyo hosted the 7th edition of “Akari Park”, an event about energy self-sustainability promoted by Motoko Ishii, a leading Japanese lighting designer, in collaboration with the City of Tokyo, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. The Republic of San Marino also took part in the event through its Embassy in Japan. For the occasion, the latter set up one of the 34 exhibition areas arranged in the Ueno National Park. The many visitors had the chance to discover San Marino’s historical and cultural tradition, also thanks to the tourist information provided by our Embassy. The exhibition area also included a path which allowed visitors to appreciate a series of traditional San Marino products including stamps, coins, ceramics and wine. During its five days of opening, the event welcomed an impressive number of guests: more than two hundred thousand people chose to participate, drawn by the topicality of the theme and by the context in which it developed. By deciding to participate, San Marino intended to reaffirm its environmental awareness. The Law on Sustainable Mobility, which the San Marino Parliament recently approved, confirms its commitment to making the Republic’s territory increasingly sustainable and even more attractive for citizens and tourists alike.   San Marino, 13 November 2017 2017-11-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriDialogue among cultures and religions: tenth anniversary of the Council of Europe Exchanges on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue Aknowledgement of the driving role of the Republic of San Marino that launched the Exchanges 10 years ago. The Exchanges have become an essential part of the agenda of the Council of Europe, which today is called upon to play a central role in defending refugees' and migrants' religious dimension and in protecting human dignity   2017-11-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriSan Marino at the 39th UNESCO General Conference Paris is hosting the 39th UNESCO General Conference, which brings together the 195 members of the organization every two years. San Marino, which is part of UNESCO since 1974 and was included in the World Heritage List in 2008, participates in the works with its own delegation led by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who spoke in plenary during the general policy debate. Minister Nicola Renzi defined UNESCO as an organisation called upon to promote "the culture and the power of dialogue": respect for others and their values are, indeed, fundamental preconditions for a peaceful coexistence among peoples and cultures in a process of mutual enrichment. Through UNESCO - Renzi continued - countries work together to affirm the fundamental priorities of humankind: "through culture and education, as well as through scientific progress" UNESCO disseminates the values intrinsic to human beings, which give hope to all humanity. For this reason, Minister Renzi highlighted the key role of multilateralism: "in the face of current global challenges" - he argued - "it is more necessary than ever to revive our confidence in multilateralism: our country has always believed in the power of dialogue and the respect for others. These values underpin peaceful coexistence among peoples. UNESCO must continue to work for the universalisation of its organisation, for our shared values, for the objectives that we have in common, for the strengthening of a multilateral order and a more just and peaceful world.” Therefore, the Republic of San Marino - Renzi continued - follows "the delicate moment the UNESCO is going through with concern"; a moment that is undermining its unity and threatening its operations. Minister Renzi then focused on the profound significance attributed by San Marino to all initiatives “leading to mutual understanding and dialogue among different peoples”. He presented to the audience an important initiative that the Council of Europe has been promoting for ten years and which originated when San Marino held the chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers: the "Annual Exchanges on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue". Finally, Renzi mentioned the "value of cultural diversity and tradition" in relation to the most authentic expressions of architecture and archaeological sites, whose "protection and enhancement must always guide our joint efforts”. "We must work together” - Renzi argued - "to protect humanity’s shared cultural heritage against terrorist attacks", certain that our Organization should strengthen its leading role in the protection of the world cultural heritage and in the fight against illicit trafficking in works. In this framework, “last May 19, within the Council of Europe, the Republic of San Marino signed the Convention on Offences relating to Cultural Property in Nicosia, during the ceremony for the opening for signature." The UNESCO Conference, which will conclude its works on 14 November, will approve the budget of the Organization, the program and the activities of UNESCO for the next two years. On 10 November the appointment of Audrey Azoulay as Director-General of UNESCO will also be approved, following her election by the Executive Committee of UNESCO on 13 October. During the session, elections to fill the seats of the Executive Board of UNESCO and other relevant subsidiary bodies will also be held. 2017-11-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriCelebrations for the 10th Anniversary of the Lanzarote Convention The Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse was opened for signature in Lanzarote on 25 October 2007 and entered into force thanks to the ratification of the Republic of San Marino. One decade later, the Council of Europe celebrated the anniversary with a conference on “Ending sexual exploitation and abuse of children: Towards a world of trust”. Also San Marino attended the two-day event, which brought together the representatives of all signatory States, relevant NGOs and other key players. The conference began with the speech of Gabriella Battaini Dragoni, Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe. Mrs Battaini Dragoni underlined that, at an international level, the Lanzarote Convention still stands as the most ambitious and comprehensive legal tool for the protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse. The Deputy Secretary General stated that "it is positive to see the way in which the Convention has raised awareness, laws have changed, and capacity to prevent and respond to sexual offences against children have improved in those countries that have signed." So far, 42 Council of Europe countries have already ratified the Convention, open to signature also by non-member States and aiming at protecting children from sexual violence, as well as supporting victims and their families. Claude Janizzi, Chairperson of the Lanzarote Committee, presented a report on the achievements of the past decade and the challenges associated with the Convention’s implementation, such as the statute of limitation on sexual offences and the lack of a systematic collection of data on this phenomenon. The Conference included the touching testimonies of sex abuse victims: Gloria Viseras, an Olympic gymnast who was abused by her coach, and Ally Reda, a Canadian survivor of online soliciting. San Marino was represented by Sylvie Bollini, Official of the Department of Foreign Affairs and elected member of the Bureau of the Lanzarote Committee. San Marino, 26 October 2017 2017-11-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari Esteri“Migrants and refugees in the Mediterranean area”: San Marino at the OSCE Conference in Palermo The OSCE Mediterranean Conference opened yesterday morning in Palermo. The Republic of San Marino was represented by Mr. Guerrino Zanotti, Minister of Internal Affairs, Mrs. Elena Molaroni, Ambassador, and Mrs. Sabrina Fantini, Chief of Cabinet of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Minister Zanotti spoke yesterday at the High-Level Segment to confirm San Marino’s position of full support for OSCE in the cooperation with the countries of the Mediterranean Basin. Migration flows represent a challenge and must be handled collectively, but it is even more important to work together to solve their root causes and to ensure the dignified reception of migrants. All states and partners present confirmed that Palermo has proved to be the most appropriate choice to address issues related to migration and to support international cooperation as a contribution to collective stability. The Conference, which continues today, will address the issue of migration in the Mediterranean area, the fight against trafficking of people, intolerance, religious discrimination and racism and the promotion of mutual trust in the fight against fear - an emotion that has recently been exploited by populist movements. The Conference will call on the action of OCSE, an organisation based on two fundamental principles, i.e. responsibility and solidarity. In the margins of the Conference, Minister Zanotti met with Mr. Angelino Alfano, Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Mrs. Teresa Ribeiro, Portuguese Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. In the afternoon, Mr. Zanotti had talks with Mr. Ivica Dacic, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Serbia. The bilateral meetings allowed the countries to examine the state of relations and assess the areas in need of consolidation, also through the conclusion of new agreements. 2017-11-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriSan Marino increasingly appreciated by the Japanese Last Sunday the broadcaster TBS aired a special report on San Marino, which obtained great consensus and provided further visibility to the Republic. The Ministries of Foreign Affairs and of Tourism are pleased to inform that on 22 October the Japanese broadcaster Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) aired a special report on San Marino. The program, focused on the artistic, monumental and historic heritage of San Marino, is a part of the series "Sekaiisan - The World Heritage", dedicated to the UNESCO world heritage sites, among which San Marino was included in 2008. The documentary was a great success among the Japanese audience. It was transmitted in high definition via digital terrestrial television and was followed by an average of over 18 million viewers, with a 15% share. These requirements have led the Republic to renew its collaboration with the important Japanese broadcaster, which had already started to disseminate in a widespread and detailed manner the images and news on San Marino. The filming was carried out last May by a Japanese TV crew led by Riccardo Riccioni, Embassy Counsellor of San Marino Embassy in Japan, with the organisational and technical support of the Tourism Board. The most recent edition has focused in an exclusive manner on the institutional peculiarities of the Republic and enabled to document the specificities of San Marino inclusion in the World Heritage List. The result was a report with a strong media impact, centred on the value of San Marino old democratic traditions through interviews with citizens who served as Heads of State or as Ministers. Finally, the cultural sector was also highlighted, including the philatelic and numismatic activity and a visit to the Shinto Temple "San Marino Jinja", the first official sanctuary in Europe built in memory of the victims of the 2011 earthquake. San Marino, 23 October 2017   2017-11-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriSan Marino joins the FAO World Food Day The World Food Day is celebrated every year on 16 October to commemorate the founding of FAO - the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - which took place in 1945 in Quebec City. The World Food Day is jointly organized by three UN agencies: FAO, WFP (World Food Program) and IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development). Ambassador Daniela Rotondaro, Permanent Representative of San Marino to FAO, attended the event this morning. On the occasion of the World Food Day, over 150 countries organise initiatives to raise public awareness on agriculture, sustainable development, adaptation to climate change and food security, in line with the 2030 Agenda and with sustainable development goals. This year's theme - Change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development -   deals with the critical impact of food security on migration.  The Pope, who spoke at the beginning of the ceremony, called on the principle of love to guide actions of international cooperation and justice. This would create new development and consumption models that are more consistent with the principle of humanity. Speaking of migrants, the Pope exhorted peoples to communicate with each other and urged the United Nations to boost the negotiations leading to the adoption of the global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration. The Pope further urged for a coordinated and systematic intergovernmental action in line with the existing international standards. He also explained that linguistic sophistry is not worthy of diplomacy. Migrants are vulnerable - the Pope warned - because they are threatened by violence, adverse natural conditions or, what is worse, they are marginalised by indifference, intolerance or hatred. The following speeches were delivered by the Agriculture Ministers who had met in the G7 in  Bergamo; Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development; F. Gilbert Houngbo, President of IFAD; David Baesley, Executive Director of WFP and the Ambassadors of the "Zero Hunger" program, including Carlo Petrini, President of Slow Food Europe. Due to the growing number of conflicts, prolonged periods of political instability and the increase of natural disasters, also linked to climate change, millions of people are forced to flee their homes, which results in the largest migration flow since WWII. Statistics show that in 2015 about 244 million people fled their own country (40% more than in 2000). Among these, more than 65 million escaped because of wars and persecution and 19 million because of natural disasters. About one third of the refugees are aged between 15 and 34 years, half of them are women and the majority comes from rural areas. But even wider is the phenomenon of internal migration, a figure about three times larger. The many complex causes of political instability often include precarious conditions of production, supply and access to food. Harvest is often poor due to desertification, over-exploitation of the soil, use of non-climate-resilient crops, in addition to poor health and security conditions and strong gender inequality. 75% of the world population at risk of food insecurity live in rural areas, where agriculture is the only source of livelihood; they also have difficulty in gaining access to services, credit, technology and especially to markets. Given that rural depopulation is a critical issue, the debate underlined the necessity of a coordinated global action which would limit the phenomenon of migration, starting precisely from rural development. These subjects were covered during the conference. San Marino, 16 October 2017/1717 from the Foundation of the Republic   2017-11-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriSan Marino delivered the Proceedings of the II Forum of the Dialogue to the Council of Europe The proceedings of the II Forum of the Dialogue, held in San Marino on 3 and 4 March 2017, were delivered to Thorbjørn Jagland, Secretary General of the Council of Europe, who had granted his high patronage to the event. The ceremony took place in the office of the Secretary General, in the Palais de l'Europe in Strasbourg. Maria Rita Morganti and Riccardo Venturini, two of the organizers of the Forum, delivered the proceedings to the Secretary General. They were accompanied by Guido Bellatti Ceccoli, Ambassador of the Republic to the Council of Europe, who had participated in the Forum to emphasize the importance of San Marino’s role in the Council of Europe, for having launched and for organising the Annual Exchange on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue. San Marino, 16 October 2017/1717 from the Foundation of the Republic 2017-11-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriSan Marino at the “Child Dignity in the Digital World” Conference   This international conference is the first of its kind to strengthen and foster a new culture of protection of minors against online child abuse and the dangers of the "dark web". From 3 to 6 October, 150 experts with different skills and from various countries gathered in Rome on the invitation of the Pontifical Gregorian University, which organized the Conference: "Child Dignity in the Digital World". The conference, strongly backed by the Catholic Church, goes beyond the boundaries of religion, because the tragic condition of sexually abused children is an extremely broad phenomenon, requiring joint efforts in the search for positive and meaningful solutions. This conference embraced a number of countries and subjects, putting together various players with the aim of creating a single platform whose aim is to tackle, in the first place, the feeling of disorientation and helplessness arising from the difficulties, radicalisation and diffusion of abuses. San Marino, as a member of the "WeProtect” network - a global alliance of States, non-governmental organisations and digital operators - participated in the event to stress the validity of a new approach to such a delicate subject. This is a challenge requiring the development of a global understanding and mindset, beyond single governments, religions, societies and institutions. Sylvie Bollini, an official of the Department of Foreign Affairs, attended the meeting due to San Marino’s full commitment to protecting the rights of the most vulnerable members of society. Participants’ reports showed that the problem of online child abuse concerns the whole world, but that not every country has reached the same level of awareness. It is essential to maintain the momentum on the tragedy of sexual abuse, to raise the level of expertise and research as well as the collaboration among States and website operators. Indeed, as reiterated during the conference, this does not mean curbing the enthusiasm for progress and technology, but rather educating young generations to responsibly use a tool with great potential. Internet is an amazing tool which must be properly understood, even in its dark sides, because it is a breeding ground for new forms of abuse. On Friday, at the end of the conference, a delegation of participants was received in audience by the Holy Father for the presentation of the Final Declaration: a document calling on political and civil authorities, religious and technological leaders to protect children, and which has also been signed by San Marino. 2017-11-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriInstitutional conference with tour operators in Indonesia Minister Michelotti meets leading Indonesian tour operators in the San Marino Embassy in Jakarta Minister Michelotti, San Marino Ambassador to ASEAN, Massimo Ferdinandi, Tourism Official, Marco Tamagnini and an intern in the UNIRSM High Training Course, Filippo Maresi. Following the positive experience in Vietnam of the Minister for Tourism, Augusto Michelotti, the San Marino delegation moved to Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia, to attend the reception organised by the Embassy of San Marino in Indonesia. The delegation - composed by Augusto Michelotti, Minister of Tourism, Marco Tamagnini, Tourism Official, and Massimo Ferdinandi, Ambassador of San Marino to the Association of South-East Asian Nations - wishes to thank Mr. Germano Valle Barbero, Ambassador to Indonesia, for the generous hospitality and the impeccable organization of the evening. During the conference, positive contacts were established with leading representatives of tourist agencies and tour operators in this part of South-East Asia. In the evening of Thursday, 5 October, the Embassy of the Republic of San Marino in Jakarta welcomed sixty guests, who were selected among the most important representatives of Indonesia’s tourism industry. The successful organization of the evening was proven by the intervention of Mr. Ferdinandi, who briefly greeted guests in Indonesian and left the floor to Augusto Michelotti. The Minister described the Republic of San Marino to a curious and enthusiastic audience, which actively took part in the event. A member of one of Jakarta’s leading travel agencies mentioned that a group of Indonesian tourists have planned a visit to San Marino this December. This is the first positive step towards the success of the internationalisation project, which goes beyond the tourism sector. This project is being pursued by the Ministry of Tourism in close synergy with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, under the coordination of Ambassador Ferdinandi, creator and promoter of the project.                                                                                Institutional presentation 2017-11-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari Esteri