Segreteria di Stato per gli Affari Esteri - Repubblica di San Marino e comunicati della Segreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriPresentation of the Credential Letters by the Ambassador of the United States of America H.E. Lewis M. Eisenberg has visited today San Marino to submit to Their Excellencies the Captains Regent the Letters accrediting him as Ambassador Extraordinary e Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to the Republic of San Marino. H.E. Eisenberg was appointed by the US President Donald Trump last July. With the fulfilment of today's formalities and his introduction to the Captains Regent by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Eisenberg’s mandate in the Republic of San Marino officially starts today. Before reaching the Government Building, Ambassador Eisenberg was received at Palazzo Begni by Minister Renzi, with whom he had intense discussions, also in the presence of the US Consul General in Florence, Benjamin V. Wohlauer. The newly-accredited Ambassador expressed his curiosity and appreciation with the local reality and with the economic and social policies adopted by the Government with commitment and perseverance, aimed at an healthy development of the country. These ambitious projects - as defined by Minister Renzi - aim at the recovery of the banking and financial system, severely hit by the global crisis and by the change in the strategic assets of San Marino economy. H.E. Eisenberg, investor and philanthropist, with a profound knowledge of economic and financial dynamics, and a leading actor in the US finance, expressed his congratulations for the challenges that San Marino is facing, which mark a new trajectory for the country. He offered his contribution to "continue to work together" on the basis of a bilateral relationship between two countries that have always been friends. Although undoubtedly different in many areas, San Marino and the US have always been united in pursuing and preserving the basic values of democratic life, fundamental freedoms of human beings, peace and international security, considered by both indispensable and non-negotiable values. "This recognition - said Minister Renzi - makes us even more pleased, because it comes from a great country", to which we are united by a deep and ancient friendship dating back to 1861, when the 16th US President became an honorary citizen of this Republic. "A memorable page in the history of San Marino, which fills us with pride"; a unique gesture which inspired a fruitful collaboration in many areas and which, still today, is nourished and grows to reach higher and higher levels. Over three thousand San Marino citizens still reside in the United States. There are also many people who, although residing in San Marino, retain their US citizenship. To favour their non-discriminatory treatment, Minister Renzi reiterated to Ambassador Eisenberg the request to consider as priorities the agreements on social security and on the avoidance of double taxation.   San Marino, 14 March 2018  2018-03-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriMaestro Andrea Bocelli sworn as Ambassador at large Thanks to his unquestionable artistic and musical skills, this exceptional diplomatic Representative will be able to spread a message of peace and brotherhood and to extend this mandate to the social and humanitarian dimension   2018-03-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriCelebrations for the tenth anniversary of the ratification of the UN Convention on Disability Two days to reflect on inclusiveness, human rights and equal opportunities, exactly ten years after the ratification by San Marino of the United Nations Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. The celebrations started with the Audience granted by their Excellencies the Captains Regent, Matteo Fiorini and Enrico Carattoni, in the presence of the Special Envoy of the United Nations on disability, Maria Soledad Cisternas Reyes, invited to San Marino by the Associations Attiva-Mente and Pope John XXIII, in close cooperation with San Marino Commission for the implementation of the UN Convention and all Associations dealing with disability. The Audience was attended also by the voluntary associations and San Marino bodies and institutions that operate for the affirmation of the rights of persons with disabilities. San Marino was among the first countries in the world to ratify this important international instrument, with the precise intention to put at the centre of its social policies the dignity and value of the person, understood in its entirety, complexity and uniqueness. The Minister of Equal Opportunities, Franco Santi, recalled that in San Marino the affirmation of an inclusive culture, meeting the needs of all, went hand in hand with the implementation of the Convention. This process, still ongoing and incomplete, must be addressed with an integrated and multisectoral approach, based on concrete facts that follow the change and a new consolidated culture of inclusion in all policies, pursuing the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. Mirko Tomassoni, President of Attiva-Mente and first Captain Regent with physical disabilities, recalled the spirit of the multilateral treaty, the first that specifically defines human rights concerning accessibility and sustainability as rights and opportunities and not as duties for the construction of a world fit for all, able to reduce social inequalities and ensure the participation in the democratic life of the country. Maria Chiara Baglioni, President of the Commission for the implementation of the UN Convention, stressed the important role of the Institutions and civil society for a full and effective awareness of disability and for consequent actions, intended to promote an inclusive society where all human beings have the possibility to express their views, without any prejudice and limitation or real and cultural barriers. Maria Soledad Cisternas Reyes conveyed the sentiments of gratitude of the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterrez, for "the good example that San Marino sets to the world", for its sensitivity and effective involvement in the themes of equal opportunities and fundamental rights of all. She also expressed the hope that further steps will be taken in achieving the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda. The Special Envoy also stressed the friendship and collaboration established since long time with the Association Pope John XXIII, and in particular with Patricio Castillo, who has significantly contributed to her visit to San Marino. Maria Alessandra Albertini, Director of Legal Affairs of the Department of Foreign Affairs, spoke on behalf of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicola Renzi, in support of today’s initiative, with awareness and sharing. She underlined the commitment of the country within the major international organisations, starting from the UN, by retracing the most salient steps and initiatives that provided visibility and concreteness to the Republic’s actions in favour of the implementation of the multilateral convention. This afternoon, the Special Envoy will meet voluntary associations, while tomorrow a particularly awaited round table entitled “10 years after the ratification. Some steps towards accessibility” will take place from 5.00 p.m. at the Grand Hotel Primavera, with the Director General of San Marino RTV, Carlo Romeo, as moderator. The participants will include Ministers Franco Santi and Marco Podeschi, the Bishop of the Diocese of San Marino-Montefeltro, and the representatives of the associations operating in San Marino.   San Marino, 12 March 2018     2018-03-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriVisit by the Captains Regent to Lampedusa The Captains Regent Matteo Fiorini and Enrico Carattoni are visiting Lampedusa together with the Minister of Internal Affairs Guerrino Zanotti. They arrived yesterday night and were welcomed by Dr. Pietro Bartolo. Today’s programme includes a number of meetings with local authorities and visits to medical and immigration centres. The Captains Regent and the Minister of Internal Affairs will be guided by Dr. Bartolo, who works at first first aid facilities to relieve the suffering of migrants constantly arriving to the island. This morning, Minister Zanotti awarded Dr. Bartolo with the the Honour of Knight of Grand Cross of the Equestrian Order of Saint Agatha, to testify to the active collaboration and friendship. The visit to Lampedusa was agreed upon after Dr. Bartolo visited San Marino in 2017. On that occasion, Mr. Bartolo explained to San Marino political and school representatives the situation in the island, the concerns and actual conditions of those who reach Italy exhausted, wounded, starved, seeking concrete support and human solidarity. The Republic of San Marino, in the wake of its tradition and vocation of hospitality and support to others, did not remain indifferent to such tragedies. Already in 2016, by accepting the proposal of humanitarian corridors adopted by the Community of Sant'Egidio, San Marino welcomed a Syrian family, offering all services and assistance for its best integration. The Ministries of Foreign and Internal Affairs, also due to the concerns caused by recent statements of intolerance and narrow-mindedness in the Republic of San Marino, call for the respect of the decision approved by majority vote by Parliament in its most recent session. The decision requires the Government to: -continue to support, in international fora, the rights of refugees and of victims of tragic political and economic conditions -intensify relations with the neighbouring and friendly Italian Republic, taking into consideration San Marino’s territorial size and borders, as regards the protection and integration of migrants, the fight against crime, solidarity and partnership -develop small-scale projects aimed at welcoming migrants and refugees. Their number should be commensurate with the size of our country. To this regard, the Ministries of Foreign and Internal Affairs express the Government’s intention to take action, together with the civil community and voluntary organisations, to host migrants and refugees. The project shall give priority consideration to the actual reception capacity of San Marino, which will be unable to host more than a small number of refugees. The Captains Regents’ visit will continue tomorrow, with meetings and visits to places that represent the generosity and hospitality of the people and institutions of the small Italian island. San Marino, 9 March 2018  2018-03-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriMessage on the European Day of the Righteous On the occasion of the Day of the Righteous of the Humanity, which is celebrated today in Europe, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicola Renzi, while sharing the content and purpose of the celebration, sent a message to the President of Gariwo Association, Mr. Gabriele Nissim, who has strong ties with the Republic through the collaboration with the San Marino Study Centre on Emigration. The message reads as follows:  "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Political Affairs and Justice, recalling the history and the legal system of the Republic of San Marino, wishes to renew its support for the celebration of the Day of the Righteous of Humanity, established in 2012 by the European Parliament to commemorate the institutions, women and men who, in different historical contexts, acted with generosity and courage, helping those who were persecuted and in danger and defending - without discrimination - the human rights of every single person. The theme chosen for the 2018 ceremony “The Righteous of hospitality. Beyond boundaries to pull down the walls” is a very salient issue to San Marino which, despite its small geographic dimension, has often welcomed people fleeing from danger. The Republic of San Marino remains committed to the protection and promotion of human rights within international bodies. Remembering what has been done in time of war and violence means reaffirming the strength and importance of will and of individual freedoms, which are fundamental values for a democratic citizenship. Europe and the whole world need the good example of the Righteous of the humanity, to raise in every woman and man the awareness of the importance of individual responsibility, which encourages people to prove their solidarity and unity. The establishment of the Day of the Righteous of the Humanity also plays an important educational role, because it makes young generations reflect in new ways on history, by commemorating those who have stood up against violence and totalitarianism with their own moral responsibility and by emphasizing every person’s role in protecting human dignity".   San Marino, 6 March 2018 2018-03-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriECRI published its fifth report on San Marino The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) of the Council of Europe published its report on San Marino today. The report was adopted by the Committee of Ministers' Deputies last 21 February. The report follows the monitoring visit carried out in the Republic by an ECRI delegation in March last year. It was the fifth assessment cycle for San Marino (the previous one was carried out in 2012). ECRI periodically monitors Member States in order to track their progress and potential shortcomings in the fight against racism and intolerance. A large number of representatives of institutions and the civil society are invited to explain the domestic legal framework, tools and activities planned to limit and combat cases of discrimination. The  Report  based on the latest monitoring cycle highlights the improvements achieved by San Marino over the past five years, which were particularly appreciated by the Commission. Among them were the amendments to the Criminal Code; the signing of the Council of Europe Cyber-crime Convention and its Protocol and the review of the legislation on stay and work permits for foreigners. The Report also contains the Commission's recommendations to strengthen the domestic regulatory system and to adopt more efficient measures against all types of discrimination based on “race”, colour, language, religion, nationality or national or ethnic origin. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Nicola Renzi welcomes the delegation's positive feedback on San Marino’s progress concerning access to citizenship through naturalization, criminalisation of discriminatory acts on the grounds of gender identity and data collection. The country’s developments since the previous report were positively welcomed by ECRI; Mr. Renzi ensured that the constructive criticism and the shortcomings are to be considered an encouragement for the Government and the Institutions to immediately start a process to improve the country’s legal framework. In the past, the recommendations of the Council of Europe and its monitoring cycles brought substantial changes to San Marino, including access to citizenship through naturalization, which was regulated by ordinary law. San Marino, 27 February 2018 2018-03-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriNewly accredited Ambassadors present their Credential Letters San Marino accredited five new Ambassadors representing the Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Croatia and Serbia - all these Countries enjoy official diplomatic relations with San Marino. This morning, the Ambassadors officially began their mandate: after being introduced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Nicola Renzi, they presented their Credential Letters to the Captains Regent in an impressive ceremony held at the Government Building. H.E. Alba María Cabral-Peña Gómez is the first High Plenipotentiary of the Dominican Republic to be accredited to San Marino, after the recent establishment of diplomatic relations between San Marino and her country. An Honorary Consulate of San Marino was also recently established in the capital Santo Domingo, proving the willingness to open a dialogue with distant countries in terms of history and culture. The very historical, political and social differences can help the two countries come closer, through the joint promotion of multicultural initiatives aimed at exploring the authentic traditions of both countries and peoples. The Arab Republic of Egypt is represented by H.E. Hisham Mohamed Moustafa Badr. The High Diplomat expressed the difficulties of Egypt: a country that struggles daily to defend its stability, both internally and in the international geopolitical and economic context. The numerous armed attacks have caused deep wounds, thus challenging the country’s peace and development process. These events touched all Countries deeply committed to defending democratic values, including San Marino. H.E. Christian Masset was appointed Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of France, a country traditionally linked to San Marino by a special relationship that has grown stronger in time. San Marino and France also share the same objectives and sentiments of unity and participation on which Europe is founded. These are crucial in the present period, in which San Marino, along with other small-sized States, is undergoing an integration process with Europe, which also concerns taxation and trade. The Republic of Croatia has chosen H.E. Jasen Mesić as its highest diplomatic representative. The bond between San Marino and Croatia is naturally deep: the very origins of the State of San Marino can be traced back to Croatia, where the founder Saint Marino was born. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the twinning between the two capitals, which are planning joint initiatives. Finally, H.E. Goran Aleksic was appointed by the Republic of Serbia as the highest diplomatic representative to San Marino. San Marino and Serbia will seek to strengthen their bilateral relations by finalising important agreements, on which the respective technical administrations are already working. A closer cultural cooperation - with events fostering the sharing of both countries’ heritage - will allow deeper cooperation in building a culture which promotes dialogue as a primary tool to prevent tensions. Indeed, the latter may cause conflicts breaking the rules of civil society and violating the respect for human dignity. In this regard, San Marino, thanks to its tradition of peace, can be a model for a country which has unfortunately experienced war in the recent past. San Marino, 23 February 2018 2018-03-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriGRETA’s second evaluation visit to San Marino A delegation of the Council of Europe's Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) met with representatives of San Marino’s services and institutions that are mostly involved in preventing such phenomenon. The reference framework that emerged during the two days shows that trafficking in human beings has not occurred in San Marino, but that it is necessary to remain vigilant on possible forms of prejudice or exploitation of fundamental human rights, as envisaged by the Convention on Human Rights of the Council of Europe, of which San Marino is a member. This morning, meetings took place with Government representatives, both to inform the delegation on San Marino’s efforts to adapt to the Convention’s provisions, and to provide information on policies to be adopted accordingly. The GRETA delegation met with: Mr. Nicola Renzi, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ms. Sabrina Fantini, Personal Assistant of the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Andrea Zafferani, Minister of Industry, Ms. Gloria Licini, Director of the Department of Culture and Tourism, Ms. Eleonora Guidi, Director of the Department of Territory and Environment, Mr. Francesco Berardi, Director of the Department of Education. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Nicola Renzi expressed satisfaction for the second evaluation cycle which, among other issues, calls for increasing efforts for the constant prevention and monitoring measures on such phenomena, which are currently absent in the Republic of San Marino. Mr. Renzi underlined the positive situation in San Marino, especially in the light of labour market statistics, which testify to positive working conditions in all employment sectors. Training, a crucial issue, should be strengthened in some of the sectors particularly at risk of trafficking in human beings. This makes it necessary to encourage the launch of specific training programmes, starting from the coming years. 2018-03-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari Esteri“End Violence Solutions Summit” in Stockholm On 14 and 15 February the high-level "End Violence against Children” summit was held in Stockholm. International organizations, governments, representatives of civil society and academics met to discuss and find common solutions to combat violence against children as part of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda . The Summit, organized by the Swedish Government in cooperation with the Global Partnership to end violence against children and WePROTECT Global Alliance, which San Marino joined in 2017, brought together about 400 participants from 67 countries around the world. San Marino took part in this important event with a delegation composed by Maria Chiara Baglioni of the Ministry of Health and Sylvie Bollini, an official of the Department of Foreign Affairs representing the country in the Committee of the parties to the Convention on the protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse (the so-called Lanzarote Committee). The event was opened by the greetings of HM Queen Silvia of Sweden, who stressed the responsibility of all participants in the fight against a global phenomenon. Many high-level speakers took the floor, such as Virginia Gamba, as Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, and Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni, Deputy Secretary-General of the Council of Europe, as well as young people who shared their fears and their hopes. In his speech, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General, remarked that during the past year, one out of two children suffered a form of violence, that is one billion children in the world. He also urged States to deploy sufficient resources to combat this phenomenon, since violence is a emergency - which also has health implications - that can be prevented. The Summit focused on the different forms of violence: abuse, corporal punishment, exploitation and online sexual abuse. The most disturbing data that has emerged from the sessions is the number of victims in the world: every five minutes, a child dies as a result of violence. 2018-03-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriMinister Renzi on official visit to Argentina The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicola Renzi, on the first day of his official visit, met Herman Lombardi, Minister of Public Media and Content with responsibility for Expo 2023. The friendly and fruitful meeting mainly focused on the fact that Argentina will organise the next Specialised Expo in 2023 as host country, an attribution which has been voted also by San Marino. In this regard, strategic partnerships between the two countries have been proposed, which can provide certain benefits and visibility to the Republic. Argentina has promised to strongly promote San Marino in the period before Expo 2023. Yesterday, Minister Renzi met the Minister of Education, Alejandro Finocchiaro, and expressed San Marino's interest to deepen the collaboration in the field of cultural development, possibly through a bilateral agreement that would enable a closer cooperation between the respective schools and universities. During the meeting with the Argentinian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jorge Faurie, Minister Renzi signed a  Memorandum of Understanding  between the two governments, promoting a close cooperation in the economic, commercial, cultural and tourist fields. The memorandum is the result of a negotiation at the diplomatic level, which took into account the priority interests of the bilateral relationship and a better regulation of tourist flows in both States, the integration of the respective citizens in the territory of the other State, and in particular the acknowledgement of the specific nature of the San Marino communities in Argentina, the enhancement of their traditions, as well as incentives for business activities. Minister Renzi also mentioned the proposals for agreements already made in economic and tax matters and in the field of social security. In the afternoon, the delegation led by Minister Renzi was received by the Minister of Tourism, Augusto Santos. The meeting focused on the cooperation and shared tourism promotion projects, as part of the internationalization process that San Marino is carrying out. Minister Renzi has expressed his great satisfaction with the first part of an official visit that includes a broad review of all bilateral issues between the two countries, and which also offers the special occasion to meet the San Marino citizens living in Argentina. San  Marino, 15 February 2018         2018-03-20itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari Esteri