Segreteria di Stato per gli Affari Esteri - Repubblica di San Marino e comunicati della Segreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriSeminar with diplomats of EU Member States on the EU association process At the end of the Ceremony of Investiture of Their Excellencies the Captains Regent, Nicola Selva and Michele Muratori, a seminar on the EU association process of San Marino was held with the diplomats of the Member States accredited to San Marino in Palazzo Valloni. This third edition is the result of an initiative of the EU Head of Delegation to San Marino, Jan Tombinski, fully shared and welcomed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the European Affairs Directorate of the Department of Foreign Affairs, with the involvement of San Marino Ambassador in Rome, Daniela Rotondaro.   The meeting was chaired by the Minister of Foreign and Political Affairs Nicola Renzi and the Ambassador Jan Tombinski. The two diplomatic representatives of Andorra and Monaco also presented a brief report. They were invited by the Minister himself to further emphasise the salient aspects of the European integration process carried out by the three Small States with the EU in the presence of the diplomats of the Member States. In the future, EU Member States will have a major say in the approval and ratification of the Association Agreement within the European Parliament.   Already last year it was hoped that such an event could be repeated within the framework of the initiatives promoted on the occasion of the Ceremony of Investiture of Captains Regent, in order to "institutionalize" an exchange of views and knowledge in the mutual interest of the parties involved in the negotiation process. The meeting was particularly appreciated by all participants, who wished to continue such a dialogue in the years to come.   San Marino, 1 April 2019 2019-04-23itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriReport by Minister Renzi to the Great and General Council on the Association Agreement with the European Union Link to the video (only in Italian) of the "Report by Minister Renzi on the Association Agreement with the European Union" in the 2019 March session of the Great and General Council   2019-04-23itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriThe EFTA Group of the EU Council has concluded its visit to San Marino This morning the EFTA Group of the EU Council and the officials of the competent EU services were received in audience by Their Excellencies the Captains Regent, Mirco Tomassoni and Luca Santolini. On that occasion, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicola Renzi introduced the Guests to the Captains Regent and summarised what San Marino has done so far for a closer and better European integration, in the framework of which also this visit of the EFTA Group of the EU Council has been organised. Renzi stressed that “it is extremely important for a small-sized country like San Marino to strengthen relations with the European context, not only economically and financially, but also politically and culturally.” For that purpose, he continued "we share with all European countries represented here today participation in the activities carried out by International Organisations promoting peace-building, respect for human rights and democratic values and cooperation with all peoples.” The Captains Regent expressed the hope that this study trip and the various meetings with the representatives of the political, economic, financial and social life of San Marino, allowed the diplomatic representatives of the EU countries to learn about the main characteristics and features of the Republic of San Marino, stressing that “the Association Agreement with the European Union represents a fundamental step in the process of European integration that our country has long undertaken. This process will open up new opportunities to be seized with an active and collaborative participation.” The representative of the Romanian Presidency of the EU Council, Augustin Varnav, thanking for the organisation of this initiative, recalled that "after four years of negotiations and the considerable progress made, particularly during the last year, there is the political will to finalise the Agreement by the summer. This opportunity - declared Varnav on behalf of the EU - must be seized". To this end "the European Union is ready to consider compromises and transitional arrangements, in order to take into account the particular situation of our small partners, including San Marino, in line with the Declaration in Article 8 of the Treaty on European Union. It is the duty of the EU to preserve the integrity and overall homogeneity of the internal market. To this end, we offer our support in identifying duly justified situations where derogations can be granted in a proportionate manner, ensuring the uniform interpretation and application of the acquis throughout the internal market. In this respect the EU Court of Justice must play its role.” Varnav concluded his speech recalling the excellent relations between the EU and San Marino, as witnessed, among other things, by the meeting in January 2018 between the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, and the Captains Regent and reconfirmed by the political support for the Association Agreement that the European Parliament expressed through the Lopez-Aguilar report voted in plenary session last week.    San Marino, 22 March 2019   2019-04-23itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriHistorical Memorandum between San Marino and Russia Foreign Minister Lavrov on an official visit to the Republic of San Marino. This is the first time in the history of diplomatic relations between the two countries 2019-04-23itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriMoneyval in San Marino for a training seminar The aim is to prepare the country for the monitoring visit that the Moneyval Committee will make in 2020 on compliance with international AML and CFT standards. The seminar is focused on sharing tools and operating modalities and examining the work to be done for progressive technical compliance. 2019-04-23itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriECOFIN promotes San Marino The EU Finance Ministers fully promoted the Republic of San Marino, which was recognised, at the last Ecofin Council meeting, as a "fully cooperative country for tax purposes". Such decision was based on compliance with tax transparency and fair taxation criteria and with OECD measures. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Finance have expressed their deep satisfaction at such international recognition and at the detailed regulation of a matter for the promotion of an economic development inspired by increasingly solid, transparent and reliable criteria. "It was expected news - have declared the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and of Finance - as a result of the significant steps taken at the regulatory level, which have unequivocally demonstrated our clear willingness to conform to the established parameters".   More specifically, the European Union took on board the assessments carried out within the framework of the OECD BEPS project concerning the changes made by San Marino in terms of taxation. The positive decision taken acknowledges San Marino's alignment with the major standards laid down in this respect. In particular, through Decree Law no. 76 of 28 June 2018 "Implementation of the regime for the remission of tax on income from intangible assets”", the national legislation on tax relief for the exploitation of intellectual property was adapted to the anti-avoidance measures developed by the OECD in the context of the BEPS project and, more specifically, to the measures provided for in Action 5. Such Action aims to counter harmful tax practices, i.e. legal practices adopted by States to compete with each other in attracting investments through tax incentives or rulings (arrangements for the predetermination of income). New provisions were introduced to use the incentives provided for the exploitation of intellectual property, in proportion to the investments made in research and development activities in San Marino or, abroad, in independent bodies. The new legislation takes into account the needs and typical features of current and future San Marino companies in aligning with the requirements imposed to be compliant with the aforementioned BEPS project. San Marino, 12 February 2019   2019-04-23itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriVisit of the Director General of the Department for European Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway Niels Engelschiøn The Director General of the Department for European Affairs of Norway Niels Engelschiøn has been paying a courtesy visit to San Marino Institutions since yesterday, accompanied by the accredited Ambassador, H.E. Margit Tveiten, and her assistant, Richard Scarborough. Yesterday morning began with a meeting between the Guest and the Minister of Education and Culture Marco Podeschi at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The meeting focused on the challenge taken up by Oslo, which was named European Green Capital for 2019, and on the political choices supporting such candidacy, which were also endorsed by its inhabitants. The Norwegian city adopted a comprehensive project enabling it to improve its urban environment and the sustainability of its citizens’ life, with the involvement of the country's social, economic and institutional partners. Afterwards, Engelschiøn met the Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs Roberta Valli for an exchange of general views on the respective countries and on their commitments in the bilateral and multilateral contexts. Detailed information was also provided on San Marino’s economic system, its security and public order and on the efforts made by both countries to combat terrorism. The economic and financial situation of San Marino was also at the centre of the discussion with the Director of Economic Affairs Dario Galassi. The Norwegian representatives described the synergies with the European Union and the experience of Norway’s economic and financial system as a third country but linked to the EU. The process of greater European integration of San Marino was examined in its various aspects with the Director of European Affairs Luca Brandi and compared with the path undertaken by the Scandinavian country within the EU. Norway is a Member State of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and has been a member of the European Economic Area since 1992. The comparison between San Marino and Norwegian experiences revealed some interesting points of contact and common aspects that could be useful to improve the finalisation of San Marino’s agreement with the EU. Niels Engelschiøn met with the Director of Political Affairs Federica Bigi to confirm the excellent relations between the two countries, which established diplomatic relations twenty years ago. At the multilateral level, focus was placed on the importance of the UN sustainable development goals and the shared commitment to continue working together for their implementation. San Marino, 7 February 2019 2019-04-23itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriFinal press conference of the IMF Mission At the end of the Annual Mission pursuant to Article 4, the International Monetary Fund met with the press to make statements on the results of the visit. The Head of Delegation, Mr Nir Klein, outlined the current situation of San Marino economy and the country's state of health. The detailed analysis of the various economic and financial spheres - which for the first time included reliable data on the balance of payments - revealed that the main critical issue is the banking system, which is characterised by a low level of liquidity and a need for recapitalisation, together with a high volume of non-performing loans and unproductive assets. These conditions limit the ability of companies to benefit from loans and, therefore, to grow and become a driving force for development and consumption. In addition to these internal factors, the country risks bearing the negative consequences caused by foreign countries, in particular Italy, for which the Fund has revised downwards its growth forecasts. The IMF experts urged to implement an overall strategy to make San Marino banking system solid, so as to guarantee credit to the private sector and not to weigh on public finances. At the same time, structural reforms are needed to move the economy "on a sustainable path of growth and prosperity". The introduction of some innovations in the labour market and in the business sector and the adoption of more streamlined bureaucratic procedures have been an important step in that direction. The delegation welcomed the progress made and the efforts undertaken by the Government to help the economy recover from the 2008 crisis. The experts expressed the hope that structural reforms will be put in place quickly to boost growth, regain efficiency and reduce waste of money, while ensuring sustainability of public debt. In light of the considerations that have emerged, the Government of the Republic of San Marino confirmed its willingness to continue to work for a comprehensive and coordinated strategy, that will include all areas of intervention, and will involve national actors and stakeholders. The Minister of Finance and Budget, Eva Guidi, highlighted the encouraging data on employment and the need not to underestimate any sector of the economy. The preliminary observations stated at the press conference will be discussed by the IMF Executive Board in mid-March; the concluding statement will be available on the IMF website today in the afternoon. San Marino, 1° February 2019 2019-04-23itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriThe President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in San Marino A few days after San Marino was admitted to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Minister Renzi met the President of the EBRD, Sir Suma Chakrabarti, to reaffirm the country’s willingness to revitalise the local financial context, by benefiting from the investment and knowledge opportunities offered by the Bank 2019-04-23itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari EsteriUN Conference on the Global Compact in Marrakech The Intergovernmental Conference to Adopt the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration will open on the 10th of December in Marrakech. The Conference is convened under the auspices of the United Nations and is held pursuant to the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants, which was adopted unanimously in New York in September 2016. In adopting this declaration, Member States reaffirmed the need to find common solutions for migration. The purpose of the Conference is to formally adopt the Global Compact for Migration. The participating Member States will have the opportunity to confirm their political commitment to implement the Compact, without signing it. Indeed, Article 7 of the Compact states that it is not legally binding. Therefore, unlike other international agreements, the “Global Compact For Safe, Orderly And Regular Migration” does not need to be ratified by Parliaments, but it builds on the commitments agreed upon by Member States to introduce measures, even legally binding, in their national legislation. Monday afternoon San Marino Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicola Renzi, will deliver his speech during the plenary debate. San Marino participation in this Intergovernmental Conference reflects its willingness to play an important role in the field of human rights protection supporting the principles of multilateralism, and to give its contribution to an issue as topical and binding as migration. Indeed, this very theme has been discussed several time by San Marino Parliament through the adoption of many agendas, in particular the one adopted last 7 March which entrusts the Government to “continue to support in international fora, in particular within the OSCE, and in the context of the negotiation in the coming months of the Global Compact on Migration and Refugees (GCM and GCR), the rights of refugees and persons affected by tragic political and economic conditions”. Minister Renzi’s mission, therefore, follows the guidelines adopted by he Parliament in the current legislature. The Minister, as for any mission or participation in multilateral bodies, will then report to the competent parliamentary Commission. 2019-04-23itNome responsabileReferenzaKeywordsSegreteria di Stato per gli Affari Esteri