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Police Department
Police Department

The Police Department - under the Secretariat of State for Foreign Affairs and the Secretariat of State for Internal Affairs - has been created for the purposes of strengthening coordination among San Marino law enforcement agencies and implementing the policy guidelines issued by the Congress of State (Government) in respect of law and order and public security, in order to increase the efficiency of all Police Forces in the territory and to encourage effective action to combat crime through a proper organisation of available professional resources within Corps.

The Police Department Coordinator is entrusted with the task of finding out mistakes, inefficiencies and inadequacies in enforcing the decisions made within the Police Department by taking action directly and informing the reporting Secretaries of State of the measures personally adopted and regarded as essential, urgent and necessary for the purposes of law and order, public security and of preventing and combating crime.
With a view to carrying out his/her activities, the Coordinator may rely on the staff of Police Forces, who are chosen in cooperation with Corps Commanders. The Police Department Coordinator is required to submit to the Congress of State, through the reporting Secretaries of State, proposals to reorganise and regulate the Police Department and each Police Force, as well as useful proposals to prevent and tackle crime and ensure law and order and public security.

The Police Department coordinates the following law enforcement agencies:


P.le J.F. Kennedy, 11
47890 San Marino - Republic of San Marino
Tel. +378 (0549) 888888 / 882656 
Fax +378 (0549) 888057

email: gendarmeria@omniway.sm


Commander of the Gendarmerie:
Col. Maurizio Faraone

Uniformed Division of the Fortress Guard

Via XXVIII Luglio, 212
47893 Borgo Maggiore - Republic of San Marino
Tel. +378 (0549) 882188 / 882780 / 882288 
Fax +378 (0549) 882189

E-mail: ufficiocomando.guardiadirocca@pa.sm


Cap. Massimo Ceccoli