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Stay permits and residence
Moving to San Marino

Foreigners wishing to move to San Marino must apply for the necessary documents to regularise their stay in the territory.

San Marino does not grant entry visas (for nationals of non-EU countries not belonging to the Schengen area), but provides for two types of documents, to be obtained in case of stay in the territory for a period longer than 30 days: stay permits and residence.

Stay permit

Stay permits are temporary permits, to regularize stays from 3 months to one year. Stay permits have a maximum validity period of 12 months and can be renewed at the request of the holder.


Stay permits may be granted for tourism, work, family reunification (spouse and children) or cohabitation. Moreover, special stay permits may be granted for the following reasons: education, sport, medical treatment, health assistance, rehabilitation and rest, religion, humanitarian reasons, international volunteering, working holiday schemes.


For information: info@esteri.sm


Residence permits are granted for long-term stays in the territory. The types of residence permits that may be applied for are the following:


- Registered residence permits: for foreign nationals seeking family reunification with a San Marino citizen, establishing a business in San Marino and holding management positions in institutes and companies of San Marino.


- Elective residence permits: for foreign nationals wishing to establish their residence in San Marino, who make and maintain a property or financial investment, according to the rules set by law. Foreign applicants must hold a health insurance policy, cannot work for the overall public sector nor benefit from State contributions. After 10 years, elective residence change into registered residence permits, with all relevant rights.


For information: info@esteri.sm 


Normativa sulla cittadinanza


- Legge 30 novembre 2000 n. 114 Legge sulla cittadinanza
- Legge 17 giugno 2004 n. 84 Modifiche alla Legge 30 novembre 2000 n. 114
- Legge 2 agosto 2019 n. 121 Integrazioni alla Legge 30 novembre 2000 n. 114


Acquisizione o riassunzione della cittadinanza in sanatoria

- Legge 15 luglio 2021 n. 131 Modifiche ed integrazioni alla Legge 30 novembre 2000 n. 114 'Legge sulla cittadinanza' e successive modifiche e all'articolo 6 della Legge 2 agosto 2019 n. 121 'Integrazioni alla Legge 30 novembre 2000 n 114 (legge sulla cittadinanza)'


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Documentation for the request of residence

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Documentation for the request of stay permits

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Norms and regulations (Italian language only) Regulations on the granting of stay permits and residence to non-San Marino citizens