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Statements of Equivalence
Documents necessary for the issue of a Statement of Equivalence

San Marino Consular and Diplomatic Authorities are required to issue, in accordance with Article 1, paragraph 2 of Decree Law no. 49 of 19 March 2008 and Article 2 of Delegated Decree no. 117 of 24 July 2014, “Statements of Equivalence” of certificates for non-residents or persons not based in the territory of the Republic of San Marino.


Although it is possible to apply directly to the Consular and Diplomatic Authorities, the Department of Foreign Affairs is available to facilitate the procedures for the issue of the Statements of Equivalence.


In cases where the requests for the Statements of Equivalence concern foreign criminal records, the documents to be provided are as follows:

- Criminal record for natural persons or, in case of legal persons, a certificate of incorporation or other certificates containing the information envisaged in San Marino’s certificate of status;

- If the interested person’s residence is not specified in the criminal record, a certificate of residence (or other official document attesting to the person’s residence);

- Copy of the passport.


If the country in which the natural person resides is the United States of America, the documents to be submitted are the following:

- A federal criminal record issued by the FBI (Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS) Division);

- A certificate (issued by a law firm) showing that, following a research using the search engine provided by the United States Federal Courts (Pacer), the applicants are not registered with US Courts as parties to criminal cases for the period of electronic registration of the Courts’ activities;

- A copy of the passport.


The certificates must be duly apostilled or authenticated and accompanied by a certified translation into Italian (if the translation is made abroad, it must also be authenticated or apostilled).


All documents, with the exception of the passport, must bear a date of issue not earlier than six months prior to the day on which they will be submitted to the Public Offices (Foreign Affairs Department and Office for Economic Activities).


The documents may be sent in advance via email in PDF format, colour scanned, to the Department of Foreign Affairs at info@esteri.sm.


It is necessary to show up in person with the original certificates to collect the Statement of Equivalence.