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News 'San Marino towards Europe': the individual dimension of the Association Agreement 21 March 2023

As part of the cycle of public meetings organised by the Mutual Aid Society and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the Research Centre for International Relations of the University of San Marino, the third meeting on the free movement of persons, one of the four fundamental freedoms on which the internal market is based, was held yesterday evening at the Sala Montelupo in Domagnano.


In his speech, Minister Luca Beccari reiterated the importance of this initiative, aimed at increasing the population's awareness and knowledge of European Union law, in light of the Republic's ongoing efforts to reach an Association Agreement with the EU. Beccari also emphasised certain political aspects related to the negotiations with the EU and the need to consider mobility in a broader sense, focusing in particular on the opportunities that can be seized at an individual level within the framework of a new relationship with the EU.


During his presentation, Lino Zonzini outlined the main historical steps that marked the affirmation of freedom of movement - one of the values on which the European Union is based - focusing on the changes introduced by the European legislator to ensure the right to move and reside freely within the European Union.


In particular, the principles and rights on which this fundamental freedom of the European Union is based and the reference legal acts that will form the legal basis of the Association Agreement were presented.


Subsequently, the implications of the country's integration into the single market for workers and persons were analysed in detail, with particular regard to the obligations to be fulfilled in the process of adaptation to the relevant EU provisions. The presentation then focused on the positive impact on the mobility of San Marino citizens in Europe, who, like other European citizens, will be able to enjoy freedom of movement. Indeed, the Association Agreement will allow for the elimination of the current disadvantages resulting from being a third State that hinder the mobility of San Marino citizens.


The resulting debate allowed to shed light and to better clarify, from a political and technical point of view, the main negotiating outcomes achieved by San Marino during the most recent negotiating phases with the EU. By pursuing the objective of adapting the system to the European standards, these negotiations were an opportunity to explain to the European Commission the particular situation of the country, in accordance with Declaration No. 3 to Article 8 of the Treaty on European Union, which reads as follows: “The Union will take into account the particular situation of small-sized countries which maintain specific relations of proximity with it”.   



San Marino, 21 March 2023