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News The film festival "Europe in San Marino, San Marino in Europe" began today 24 March 2023

The inauguration of the film festival "Europe in San Marino, San Marino in Europe", organised by the Delegation of the European Union in San Marino, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, took place this morning at the Titano Theatre.


Held in the presence of Their Excellencies the Captains Regent Maria Luisa Berti and Manuel Ciavatta, such inauguration was conceived as a seminar to celebrate forty years of relations between San Marino and the European Union, with speeches by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luca Beccari, the Ambassador of the European Union, Alexandra Valkenburg, the Ambassador of Italy to San Marino, Sergio Mercuri, and an initial speech by the Minister of Culture, Andrea Belluzzi. The purely institutional part was followed by a presentation by Prof. Maria Elena D'Amelio of the University of San Marino, who recalled the value of culture with particular reference to the role of cinema.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luca Beccari, in his articulate speech, retraced the milestones of the relationship with the European Union, listing the steps taken, the agreements reached and the spirit in which the current negotiations, which will probably lead to the definition of the Association Agreement between the Republic and the European Union by 2023, were initiated.


Beccari also mentioned the cultural dimension that has characterised such bilateral relationship over time. "It is indeed in the common European identity," says Minister Beccari, "that the historical framework of evolving relations that I have briefly outlined has always found its most fertilebreeding ground . San Marino is part of Europe, its citizens are European, as are its culture and values”.


The Ambassador of the European Union, Alexandra Valkenburg, further emphasised the historical significance of the bilateral relations and the special circumstances preceding the achievement of a historic result for the Republic of San Marino determined by the finalisation of an agreement that will offer unquestionable advantages and benefits to the citizens of San Marino.


Ambassador Valkenburg recalled the cultural significance of the initiative and how it represents a bond between peoples and cultures united by the same historical, political and moral values. She also underlined the idea of greater cohesion by expressly quoting the Holy Father's words: “unity is in diversity”.


Ambassador Mercuri retraced the Republic's history during which it was, first, the setting for art-house films after World War II, then the venue for film festivals of international repute, also attracting prestigious film festivals promoted by San Marino RTV. He also emphasised the concept of multiculturalism in San Marino, which can also foster a labour osmosis in the film industry.


Lastly, Professor D'Amelio examined in detail the history of cinema and the concept of European identity, which cinema promotes and conveys throughout the world. She also gave an interesting analysis of the great productions made in the last century on Mount Titano with a well-defined San Marino identity background.


Professor D'Amelio also emphasised a common European heritage that stems from the statutory provisions of the European Charter of Human Rights, which recall the ideals on which the European Union is based: the universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity.


 During the morning, the series of screenings that will continue from this afternoon until 27 April at the Concordia Theatre was recalled. Nineteen films will be shown, ranging from children's movies to the drama genre, from historical thrillers to documentaries. For further information, please see www.sanmarinocinema.sm and https://www.eeas.europa.eu/delegations/un-rome.


San Marino, 24 March 2023